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After You Travel

Submit your completed Post-Travel Reimbursement Form and attachments (see below) to the P- Card holder within 10 days following travel.

Mileage Only Odometer Forms may be submitted monthly with prior approval from PI/Supervisor. Frequent travelers should turn in the form weekly. 

Travel reimbursements must be submitted by the P- Card holder to the Financial Services accounting office within 20 business days of the travel to avoid the taxable benefit IRS rule.

Filling out and turning in forms:

If you are unsure how to complete the form, please ask for help. Your reimbursement will be delayed if forms are not complete.

Once the form is complete you must include:

  • If you drive your own car out of state, include an airfare quote that reflects pre-travel comparison costs. Also attach a map of mileage for comparison.
  • Conference/Meeting Agendas
  • All original, itemized receipts (rental car, hotel, food, taxis, shuttles, etc.).  
    • If a receipt is smaller than an 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper, tape it using clear tape onto an 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper.
    • If original receipts are unavailable, include (with a copy of the receipt if available) a signed memo stating that “no other reimbursement claim will be submitted to any other entity.” This memo must be signed by the director or department chair, indicating that the department assumes responsibility for duplicate payment.
  • Do not use any staples.

Complications/Anomalies:  Anything that is not clearly understandable/straightforward on your travel request needs to be explained in detail. Financial Services will ask to make sure we are properly and fully compensating employees and to ensure that we are spending UNM funds appropriately. Examples include:

  • You drive to a community, but are not requesting mileage. Why? (e.g., You drove with a co-worker).
  • You fly to a town, but do not have a hotel reimbursement. Why? (e.g., You stayed with a friend).
  • If you stay with someone or someone else pays for your expenses, make detailed notes.

When can you expect reimbursement? 

As a UNM employee, your reimbursement will be directly deposited.  After your completed reimbursement request has been processed, it typically takes 2 weeks for reimbursement to be received. Failure to complete forms in a timely manner, accurately and in their entirety will result in a delay in your reimbursement.