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During Your Travel

Be sure to keep all of your receipts and conference agendas and submit them promptly upon your return.

Receipts- all original, itemized receipts for:

  • airfare
  • hotel
  • rental car
  • parking
  • gas
  • cab fare
  • meals (if needed)
  • other

Hotel Details:

Be sure to check that only the cost of the room and applicable taxes appear on your hotel receipt, especially if your hotel was paid for with the UNM P-Card.

The hotel receipt should show a zero balance if paid for by the UNM P-Card.

If other charges (internet, room service, phone calls, movies, etc.) appear on the bill, you will no longer be able to have your hotel paid for by UNM.

This is explicitly detailed in the Department of Psychiatry Travel Agreement and is a one-strike rule.

Airfare Details:

Retain flight itineraries and boarding pass stubs when available. Comparison flights are needed if combining with personal travel.

Conference and Meeting Agendas:

Agendas of your conference or meeting are required to validate your travel purpose and to determine per diem, what meals were supplied vs. what meals will be to be reimbursed.

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