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Rental Car Information

Travelers are encouraged to use cost-effective public transportation when available, but are authorized to rent automobiles when necessary. The business purpose needed for the rental car must be fully explained on the reimbursement request. Policy 4030 7.3

If you are unable to give proper notice to reserve a car, you may make a reservation through the UNM Travel Portal. Follow the link for Faculty and Staff> Car Rental >Enterprise.

It is your responsibility to make sure you get the UNM rate [request the UNM rate and use the appropriate code Enterprise: NA34302; National: 5420154] and provide:

  • Name
  • Driver’s License
  • Personal credit card

All information and receipts must be turned in to the P-card holder within 48 business hours after travel has ended.

Fuel: Gas cannot be charged to the PCard. Choose the option at the rental office indicating that you will return the car with a full tank of gas.

Rental Car vs. Personal Vehicle:  Plan on the most cost-effective method of transportation for your travel. Generally, for shorter trips, it is more cost effective to reimburse you for using your personal vehicle rather than using a rental car.  Below is an example of a break down (based on one driver/vehicle) demonstrating preferred mode of transportation for various communities:

Last updated 7/20/2012 - Check with travel agent for most updated information.

Rental Car Table              

Length of Use: Rental cars may only be reserved for the time necessary to complete the work. They are charged to the grant/index for which the travel was required. Their use is for work/contract-related travel only.

Matters of convenience may not be used as a consideration in determining when to pick up or turn in a rental car. For example, you may not keep a car an extra day/ pick up early simply because it fits better into your schedule. Transparency is crucial; always think “how would I explain this to an auditor?”