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Travel Procedures

Coordinating, planning, scheduling, and paying for travel at the University of New Mexico is a complex process. Forethought, attention to detail, and timely submissions ensure a smooth process. All employees must be familiar with the University’s Travel Policy.

  • All employees are required to have a signed Department of Psychiatry Travel Agreement on file before they will be allowed to travel.
  • All employees are required to complete the Pre-Travel Request Form for each trip before travel arrangements may be made.


Travel is paid by using:

  • UNM Purchasing Card (PCard):
    • Preferred method
    • Use to purchase: Airfare (including baggage fees), hotel, conference registration and ground transportation
    • Required: Completed Post-Travel Reimbursement request and receipts
      • must be turned in within 10 days following travel
    • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in
      • discontinued use of the PCard services
      • requirement that traveler use personal funds and submit for reimbursement after travel has been completed
  • Personal Funds:
    • Individual travelers may purchase certain travel and request reimbursement after travel is completed
    • Required: Use personal funds only for
        • cab fare, taxis
        • meals
        • parking
        • internet fees at a hotel
        • gas (personal vehicle and rental car)
        • other unforeseen expenses
      • Required: Completed reimbursement request and receipts
        • must be turned in within 10 days following travel
  • Note: Early check-in fees are not allowed or reimbursable, regardless of payment method.

Please read the information in these pages to fully understand the Department of Psychiatry’s Travel requirements:

Before you travel

During your trip

After you travel  

You can find all travel forms here.