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Center for Neuropsychological Services

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Predoctoral Internship: Pediatric Neuropsychology Rotation

This rotation is offered through the Center for Neuropsychological Services (CNS) in the Department of Psychiatry. The CNS provides inpatient and outpatient neuropsychological assessment and consultation services for individuals with central nervous system dysfunction. Referrals are received from the University Hospital, UNM Mental Health Center, UNM Children's Psychiatric Center, various school districts, and from clinicians throughout the state.

Pediatric neuropsychology is a specialized area of practice that entails unique procedures and a body of knowledge specific to the area. Given the scope and limitations of this rotation, it is not possible to establish competence in pediatric neuropsychology with the expectation to practice independently as a pediatric neuropsychologist. However, the rotation provides interns with the opportunity to gain experience in the neuropsychological assessment process of children with medically related problems and/or psychiatric disorders. For those who wish to pursue additional training in neuropsychology, this rotation is a valuable experience.

For this rotation, interns are expected to be available between 8-12 hours per week. They learn how to conduct clinical interviews addressing neurocognitive issues associated with various neurological disorders and administer and score a wide variety of neuropsychological tests/instruments for children. Interns will also have some exposure to the interpretation process and assist in report writing and feedback to patients and staff. The intern will be expected to read assigned supplemental readings. Interns will also be encouraged to attend various Neurology or Neuroscience Grand Rounds.

Additional information about the internship and the pediatric neuropsychology track is available within the predoctoral internship webpage. Interested intern applicants may contact Dr. Richard Campbell at 505-272-8833 or