Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

MSC 09 5030
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-272-6203

Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

Our fellowship provides extensive training in screening, evaluation and treatment of addictive disorders. We have a talented and skilled faculty, who are dedicated to education, research and clinical pursuits in the addictions. Fellows receive the bulk of their training at the following sites: University Psychiatric Center, Addiction and Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP), Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center, Children's Psychiatric Center and the Truman Street Clinic.

Snehal Bhatt, MD,
Medical Director,
Addiction and Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP)

In addition, New Mexico is a largely rural state. It is home to a rich and diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population that includes members of 19 Native American pueblos, 2 Apache nations and the Navajo Nation. Our Hispanic population  is among the highest in the country. This means that our fellowship offers unique rural and multicultural training experiences and opportunities.

It is our goal to improve the emotional and physical health of all New Mexicans by focusing on the devastating effects of addictive disorders.

We welcome your interest and invite you to contact us if you have any questions. We are on a great venture to heal individuals who have been wounded by addictive disorders. Please join us in this important quest.



Claire Wilcox M.D.
Training Director, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship