IV Neurodevelopmental Disorders Track

Supervisor: Dr. Cynthia King

In their first year, fellows spend one half day per week for 3 months at the Center for Development and Disability (CDD), participating in the Early Childhood Evaluation Program (ECEP) and one half day per week for 3 months participating in the Neurodevelopmental Disorder Clinic (NDIV).

The Neurodevelopmental Disorders track offers interested fellows the opportunity to pursue more training in pervasive developmental disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Year 1

  • spend the equivalent of 2 hours per week working with Dr. King in an area of interest. See list of options at the end of this page
  • in June of the first year of fellowship, receive 2 full days of training in behavioral therapy/intervention, as preparation for the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders camp

Year 2

  • In July of second year of fellowship, attend 5-day overnight Autism Spectrum Disorders camp, where each fellow is paired with child camper
  • spend the equivalent of one half day per week working with Dr. King in an area of interest. Options are listed below.
  • elective time of one half day per week for 4 months can be devoted to an area related to PDD

Educational Options for Neurodevelopmental Track:

  • Neurodevelopmental disabilities with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 1.Observation experience
    2.Immersion experience (camp) plus 2-day behavioral training
    3.Didactic experience LEND curriculum (certain didactics/trainings appropriate to Fellows’ specific interests )
    4.Directed readings
    5.Research projects

Potential opportunities: Neuro-imaging and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome