Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

MSC 09 5030
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-272-6203
Fax: 505-272-4639


This elective focuses on neuroimaging of older patients with schizophrenia and mood disorders. Fellows learn inclusion and exclusion criteria for various studies and assist with subject recruitment. They learn how to evaluate patients with standardized scales as well as neuropsychological assessments. Fellows accompany patients to imaging sessions and become familiar with basic imaging pre-processing steps and data analysis methods.

The main imaging modalities are:

  • functional magnetic resonance imaging
  • structural magnetic resonance imaging
  • diffusion tensor imaging
  • proton spectroscopy
  • magneto-encephalography

 Data analysis methods include the general linear model and data-driven methods such as independent component analysis.

Current investigations include the role of vascular risk factors on white matter integrity and network modulation. The research group is also assessing biomarkers of electroconvulsive therapy treatment response.

Faculty includes: Christopher Abbott, M.D.