Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

MSC 09 5030
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-272-6203

Psychiatric Consultation Service Inpatient Consultation (UNMH)

32 hours per week for 6 months

Location: UNM Hospital

Faculty includes: Emiliano Valles, M.D., Daniel Evan, M.D., and Davin Quinn, M.D.

The Psychiatric Consultation Service is a multidisciplinary teaching service that provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and management for medical and surgical patients admitted to UNM hospitals. 

Fellows act as primary consultants, receiving consultation requests, performing diagnostic interviews and examinations, performing follow-up visits, and communicating with consulting medical and surgical teams. They also are responsible for leadership of the service as their experience and maturity level increase throughout the year, including leading team rounds, leading walk rounds, consulting with midlevel personnel and psychologists for psychiatric opinion on their cases, and supervising medical students and residents. As such, they are an integral part of the service.

Goals of the rotation for fellows include developing expertise in: 

  • management of complex psychosomatic patients hospitalized for medical, surgical, or obstetrical indications
  • use of oral and parenteral psychotropic medications and psychotherapeutic techniques for management of psychiatric symptoms encountered in the general hospital
  • fundamental elements of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology necessary for accurate diagnosis, workup, and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders and organic brain syndromes
  • communication with medical and surgical teams, specialty consultants, nursing, social workers, case managers, occupational and physical therapists, and administrative staff
  • critical appraisal of the psychosomatic medicine literature for the purposes of evidence-based care, patient care, scholarship and research, and career advancement  
  • skills for conducting research projects in psychosomatic medicine
  • clinical, administrative, and interpersonal skills to capably lead as attending physician a multidisciplinary team of mental health providers performing psychiatric consultations in a general hospital