Didactics Experience

The didactic experience during the first year is focused on the development of an identity as a physician, and particularly as a psychiatrist. It is focused on interviewing skills, an exploration of the major psychiatric diagnoses, management and treatment of psychiatric patients, and responses to urgent and emergent situations. The first year also includes an introduction to research and patient safety/quality improvement issues.

The didactic coursework of the second year focuses on the major psychiatric diagnoses with an emphasis on such areas as epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. Residents also participate in a year-long introductory course in supportive, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavorial psychotherapy.

The didactic work in the third year focuses on the development of expertise in outpatient psychiatry. It incorporates an evidence based approach the outpatient treatment of major psychiatric diagnoses. A central experience for the year is a case conference in which residents present their psychotherapy cases to renowned therapists across the nation through a teleconference. This work is supported by further exposure to cognitive behavorial therapy and other structure and psychotherapy, depth psychodynamic psychotherapy, models of couples and group psychotherapy, and organizational leadership.

The fourth year didactic is designed in consultation with the fourth year residents in collaboration with faculty advisors. The coursework typically focuses on three major themes: advanced topics in psychotherapy and other areas of interest, career planning, professional development, and leadership, and ABPN Board Preparation.