The First Year

A few words from . . .
Akankshi Thakur, MD
PGY 2 Resident (2011-2012)

Interns begin with an initial exposure to psychiatry at the New Mexico VA Medical Center. This includes five months on a state-of-the-art inpatient psychiatry unit working with an exceptional interdisciplinary service. Here they will learn about the acute management of psychiatric disorders and interact with behavioral health providers throughout the facility.

Other psychiatric experiences at the VA in the first year include consultation and liaison psychiatry, residential treatment and a year-long immersion in the outpatient treatment of psychiatric patients with serious mental illness in an integrated primary care clinic. Residents work in this clinic one half day a week to provide both medical and psychiatric care to their patients.

Interns also work both at the VA and at the University of New Mexico to complete their requirements in other disciplines. This includes two months of neurology, one at UNM and the other at the VA and four months on internal medicine at either of the two facilities. One of these is on the inpatient medical wards at the VA, and the other three months can be spent at a combination of outpatient medicine clinics, emergency medicine, family practice clinic, and inpatient or outpatient pediatrics.


  • VAMC Psychiatry primary care clinic 12 months (concurrent)
  • Inpatient Psychiatry (VAMC) 4 months
  • Residential Psychiatry - 1 month
  • C/L Psychiatry (VAMC) - 1 month
  • Internal medicine requirements - 4 months (with at least 1 month of inpatient internal medicine at the VAMC)
  • Neurology – 2 months; one at the Albuquerque VA, one at UNM Hospital.
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