The Second Year

Residents who have spent the initial year in our program will spend a portion of the second year rotating through three unique inpatient psychiatry experiences that are quite different from their training in the previous year at the VA. These inpatient units at the University of New Mexico’s Psychiatric Center represent acute treatment programs and serve as the referral endpoint for much of the state of New Mexico. Two of the units treat adults, and one is a specialized unit for geriatric psychiatry and patients with comorbid serious medical illnesses.

In addition to the inpatient experience, residents will spend

  • Two months on the psychiatry consultation liaison service - one at the VAMC and one UNM Hospital.
  • Two months in the psychiatric emergency service at the University Psychiatric Center -learning critical skills in crisis stabilization, acute interventions, and determination of the appropriate levels of psychiatric care.
  • One month of child psychiatry -- spending one month on the inpatient child psychiatry units where they work with child fellows and faculty managing children in the acute psychiatric setting.
  • One month of Alcohol and Substance Abuse psychiatry – at the freestanding University clinic that involves integrated, state of the art treatment for patients with primary substance abuse issues, those with co-occurring medical and serious psychiatric conditions, as well as pregnancy.
  • One month of Community Psychiatry and Systems of Care- where they begin to work together with primary care providers, and other specialized clinics (HIV, Pain), to provide psychiatric consultation in the outpatient setting.
  • One month of a selective rotation inclusive of research, Rural, Adult, Chlid, Geriatric, Psychomatic, or Addiction Psychiatry.
  • Psychotherapy – residents are assigned to psychotherapy supervisors and begin working with at least one patient whom they see over the course of the year or longer.


  • Inpatient Psychiatry (University Psychiatric Center) 5 months
  • Inpatient Child Psychiatry 1 month
  • Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry 2 months
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services 2 months
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program – 1 month
  • Community Psychiatry & Systems of Care – 1 month
  • Selective -1 month
  • Long-term Psychotherapy Clinic 12 months (concurrent)
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