The Third Year

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Brant Hager, MD
PGY 4 and Chief Resident, UNM Psychiatric Center – Outpatient (2011-2012)

The third year of training is an immersion in the outpatient treatment of psychiatric patients. Residents learn the specific skills involved in outpatient treatment in multiple settings. Residents work in general adult assessment clinics and treatment programs as well as clinics with a more specialized focus. Residents are involved in all aspects of the bio-psychosocial assessment and treatment. This includes pharmacologic management, couples and family interventions, and multiple formats of individual and group psychotherapy.

General Assessment Clinic:

Residents in their third year spend time during their outpatient training in the General Assessment Clinic at the UNM Psychiatric Center. Their work involves evaluation of new patients, development of treatment plans in conjunction with the attending faculty in the clinic, and treating patients for acute psychiatric symptoms.

Specialty Clinics

Residents rotate through specialty clinics during the course of the year. This involves working with a group of patients who are refractory to initial interventions. Patients in these clinics generally carry chronic psychiatric diagnoses and are managed by an interdisciplinary team of providers. Trainees develop expertise in the management of psychotic disorders, affective disorders, geriatric disorders, child & adolescent disorders, as well as co-occurring serious mental illness and substance use disorders.

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