IDEAS in Psychiatry

Everyone in our society feels the impact of mental illness, whether it's a parent who has dementia, a teen struggling with an opiate addiction, or a coworker overwhelmed by depression. Yet, most people are hesitant -- or don't know how -- to talk about it, and, they don't know where to find useful information.

IDEAS in Psychiatry was founded to encourage open, honest discussion and provide current, accurate information about mental illness and substance use disorders. IDEAS’ varied programs reach schools, law enforcement, clergy, mental health professionals and many others throughout our community.

Supporting the Department of Psychiatry’s educational, clinical, research and community engagement activities, IDEAS addresses mental illness and substance use disorders with these goals:

  • increase understanding of origins and potential treatments
  • dispel common myths and mistruths
  • eliminate stigma
  • enhance the lives of people affected by mental illness and substance abuse disorders

A generous gift from a grateful family founded the Institute for the Development of Education and Advancement of Science (IDEAS) in Psychiatry.  As a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, we depend upon contributions to continue our mission.


"Each day we work to combat the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. IDEAS stands at the forefront of these efforts. Our goal is to encourage New Mexicans affected by mental illness and addiction to seek the help they need to lead fulfilling lives."  Mauricio Tohen, MD, DrPh, MBA, Chairman Department of Psychiatry


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