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Expert in Disorders of Sex Development to Give Grand Rounds

October 8, 2012

The Department of Psychiatry presents Amy Wisniewski, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, for this week’s Grand Rounds. Lead author of Disorders of Sex Development: A Practical Guide for Parents and Physicians, Dr. Wisniewski will speak about the “Implications of Early Hormone Exposure on Gender Development.”

Friday, October 12
1-2:30 pm
Domenici Auditorium

1. describe typical and atypical sex differentiation that results in disorders of sex development, or DSD
2. describe original theories of gender development including variables thought to influence psychosexual development
a. Learning
3. evaluate variables currently believed to influence psychosexual development in people with DSD
a. Pre- and postnatal androgen exposure, genes encoded on the Y chromosome
b. Parental influences.

All psychiatrists, other physicians, psychiatric residents, medical students and behavioral healthcare providers are welcome to attend:

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