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Department Earns Two UNM GME Awards

February 20, 2013

Each year at UNM’s annual GME Retreat, awards are given out to a variety of faculty, residents, and staff, for their contribution to graduate medical education. The retreat includes participants from the UNMH, SOM Administration, and many clinical departments.

On February, 19, 2013, our own Judith Rivera-Kamps, was one of only two Medical Residency Coordinators to win for "Excellence in Medical Residency Coordination.”

According to our Director of Residency Training, Stephen Lewis, “This was based on Judith’s all- around good person-ness, as well as the praise our ACGME site-reviewer passed on to the GME office as he recognized the superior job she did during our accreditation visit.”

In addition, Paul Romo, M.D., one of our 4th-year residents who will soon start as a Fellow in Addiction Psychiatry here, was one of two residents or fellows (from a pool of more than 550 in our medical center) to get an award for his contribution to GME. “This was in recognition of his hard work on the Resident Council and the GME Executive Committee,” says Lewis. ““For one department to get both of these awards is an amazing achievement. Judith and Paul deserve our thanks and congratulations.”