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Grand Rounds: "Clozapine, the New Zealand experience"

May 20, 2014

Chris Kenedi, MD, MPH, FRACP, FACP, presents, Clozapine, the New Zealand experience. Dr. Kenedi is Consultant Physician and Psychiatrist, Departments of General Medicine and Liaison Psychiatry, Auckland City Hospital.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
UNM HSC Domenici Center Auditorium

1)     Understand how to recognize and manage the life-threatening toxicities associated withclozapine.
2)     Recognize the unique functional benefits of clozapine and how to manage the risk/benefit approach in clinical care.
3)     Review the New Zealand public mental health system and its unusual challenges and capacities such as: home-based crisis visits, fully-funded care (no billing, no cost to patients), parity with medical care, and issues around cultural diversity.

All psychiatrists, other physicians, fellows, psychiatric residents, medical students and behavioral health providers  -- as well as members of the public -- are welcome to attend. Admission is free.

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