A Message from the Chair

On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to the University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

This is an exciting time in healthcare. Though we face many challenges, we have even more opportunities. Our Department is part of the only medical school in the state’s flagship university and we take this responsibility seriously; our goals are in concert with the state of New Mexico. We are focusing our efforts on the requirements of our state through building academic bridges with other departments throughout UNM and other universities nationally and internationally.

New Mexico offers tremendous prospects for research, especially in the areas of community need and special demographic populations including Native Americans and Hispanics. Our Center for Rural and Community Behavioral Health (CRCBH) has forged tremendous relationships with many of these stakeholders. We plan to expand on these partnerships and to create new ones in order to make sure that our mental health efforts are truly useful and culturally sensitive. We also have strong research components in geriatric psychiatry, schizophrenia, mood disorders, ECT, addictions, and neuropsychiatry.

Our Clinical focus is to develop programs that provide the best possible, cost-effective psychiatric care to the people of New Mexico. Our educational programs center on providing exceptional training in order to best treat the mentally ill in our state or others with similar demographics. Due to the highly rural – and frontier – nature of New Mexico, we are global leaders in developing  tele-medical solutions so that many more providers have access to our specialized expertise. This approach to healthcare offers great promise for our state and others nationally or internationally that face a large geographical area with a broadly dispersed population.

Our Department shines in the area of community engagement. Our faculty actively listens to the needs of various communities in New Mexico and, based on those needs, seek ways to provide the best programs and information possible.

We aim for our Department to become an international leader in community and rural psychiatry, with an emphasis on indigenous and Hispanic populations. With what we are learning here, we can truly become a model for others across the nation, Latin America and developing countries.

I invite you to explore this website to see the breadth and depth of our Department’s commitment to our fourfold mission of Education, Research, Clinical Care and Community. Contact us if you want more information. Join us, if you want to change the world.