50 for the 50th

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Do you have a favorite memory, a funny story, a poignant moment to share about your time in the Department?

I want to especially note the Steering Committee on Native American Psychiatry (SCONAP) founded by Mary Roessel and the Rural Psychiatry Program.

 Scott Nelson, M.D

I was PGY4 in Denver. Bob Senescu came. Did Grand Rounds. I asked to meet him. Said I wanted to live in NM. Were there part-time jobs?  Answer: “WE DON’T HAVE PART-TIME POSITONS! HOW WOLD YOU LIKE A FULL-TIME JOB?” 5 minutes. No interview. Determined the course of my life.

 Don West MD

Lucky: Helene and Uhli’ let me in! Lucky for nurses who guided me early. Lucky for learning group therapy, that group, including the amazing Diana Quinn. Lucky the guys in PES took such good care of noobs. Lucky for Wednesday hoops; for New Mexico! Meet wife, start family: ever grateful...

Jim Phelps, MD

Did you know that one year Bob Senescu, our founding chairman, got too busy and simply forgot to enter the Department in the national resident matching program. On "Match Day" he spent the day on the phone and filled the next year's class through his personal efforts.

Tim Schuster, MD

From nights on call, I learned being present and mindfulness: when next up for that “interesting” patient being medically cleared in the ED, take a breath, don’t worry about those who may never arrive on your service, and stay in the present… which might mean you can actually nap.

Teresa Bertsch MD 

Loved visiting the residents at their Rural Psychiatry sites! The centers/clinics valued them highly and the residents were very much in their element!

Christine Pederson

Being mocked by the other residents because I said I was disinterested in rappelling off a 200 foot mountain. Being adopted by Mama Claire, becoming like a sister to Helene, jousting with the Jungians because I thought why use a metaphor when reality would do. Loved it all!

Rhonda Lehr MD

I loved being the Executive Vice-Chair of the Department of Psychiatry from 1995-2000.

Sally Severino MD


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