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Amy Jeliffe and Friedns

UNM Dept. of Psychiatry residency graduates Amy Jelliffe,
Jim Phelps and Teresa Bertsch hiking together this fall 2014 in Flagstaff, AZ.
Dr. Phelps had been asked to present on best practice guidelines for treating
bipolar spectrum disorders at a conference called "First do no
Harm" that was being organized at Flagstaff Medical Center by Drs. Bertsch
and Jelliffe. All three plan to attend the department's reunion in April 2015!

Walt and Mary

Dr. Walt Winslow, former chairman, and Mrs. Mary Romero, MHC staff, at one of
Tim Schuster's mini-reunions in 2014.

Class of 1992

Residency Graduating Class of 1992:
David Dawes, Dan Rifkin, Thomas Jones.  Bottom row:  Teresa Bertsch,
Dorothy Faris, Russell Johnson, Diana Quinn, Julie Kilpatrick.

Mobbs family

Fay, Karl and Rose Dorothy Mobbs

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