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School Health Request Portal

Welcome to the School Health Request Portal (SHRP) sponsored by the University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – Division of Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and the New Mexico Department of Health – Office of School and Adolescent Health (OSAH).

Weekly Behavioral Health Presentations

Join our free weekly one-hour behavioral health presentations by psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors, sociologists, anthropologists, epidemiologists and clinical researchers involving the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of psychosocial challenges for children, adolescents and their families. These presentations will include opportunities for case discussion and consultation.

Also scheduled are monthly case discussion and consultation sessions regarding school-aged children and adolescents calling upon the collective wisdom of colleagues in education, health care and behavioral health care throughout the state.

Note: Free continuing education credit is provided for participation in the weekly behavioral health presentations. No credits available for the case consultation sessions at this time.


For the schedule of presentations and case consultations please visit: Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Teleconference Series.

Protocols, Algorithms & More

Protocols, algorithms and other information regarding school behavioral health risk management will be posted here as they are developed. Please check back often.

AACAP Practice Parameter on Child & Adolescent Mental Health Care in Community SOC 
AACAP Practice Parameter for Child & Adolescent Forensic Evaluations 
AACAP Practice Parameter for the Assessment & Treatment with OCD
AACAP Practice Parameter for the Assessment & Treatment with PTSD  
ADHD Practice Parameters Key Points
APA Practice Guidelines for Major Depression  
Assessing Potential for Violence in Children & Adolescents
Case Formulation Child Psychiatry   
Collaborative Care for Depression
Evidence-Based Practice with Children & Adolescents   
Framework for EBT & EBP
A Meta-Systems Approach to Evidence-Based Practice   
Practice Parameter on the Use of Psychotropic Medication in Children & Adolescents
School-Based Interventions for Depression & Anxiety
2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals & Objectives for Action
Overview of the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals & Objectives for Action
Preventing Suicide A Toolkit for High Schools
Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Providers

Non-Urgent School Health Consultation

If you would like to obtain consultation support for a non-urgent case or situation that arises in your school setting, please submit this email-based Non-Urgent School Health Consultation Request Form and you will receive a response within 2 to 3 working days.


Feedback is welcomed!

All matters which would benefit educators, health care providers and behavioral health care providers working with children, adolescents and families at risk in a school setting, please contact:

Feedback about presentation topics for the Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Teleconference Series, please contact: